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The Start

September 28, 2008
By Jezabel PLATINUM, Ricmond, Virginia
Jezabel PLATINUM, Ricmond, Virginia
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In the end we will not the remeber the words of your enemys, but the silence of are friends.
~ Martin Luther King Jr.

They didn't start this world rich. With money to spare, they start there life together poor apart from there love. Valire was used to being second because of sister. And Michael was the way yourger then his sister and brother. They were married on Decmber 19, 1959, while he was on leave. Two year later they gave birth to there first child Suzanne was born on may 12, 1961. It took a five days to have her. and as the docter checked her he pulled one of her legs out of the socket. Suzanne had many surgys and had tunes of plaster. While the there family grew, Virgina was born on Septber 26, 1963. and soon after ward Jonathan Patrick was born on Januray 14, 1965. Three kids none of which could walk because Suzaane couldn't walk till she was four. They move every other month because of the air force were Micheal was slowly working his way to the top. An finally the family was complete when Christopher Michael was born one june 11, 1965.
Then seven years later Valire got the news that there was something wrong with her husbands heart. He was done with the air force so they moved from England to Canada. He worked mucterl funds copine and she was a realter. Some where in his compine got big and the sold it and he got money. Life was odd, at that point There two daughters were with to guys that were sweet, there son was at MIT, and there youngest was serios with his girlfriend. With in a year there daughters and youngest son was married. Suz to a english man named Davie, Ginny to his cousin Andrew, and Chirs Married Jessica the girl he'd been with since they were Sixteen. There nest was gone apart for the dogs. Skip to apout five years later they had there first granchild ginny and andrews had a beatiful red hair girl with these huge blue eyes Charlotte Elizabeth. Another sixs months and Suz and David had a little girl Jessica with they family trishion of no middle name and eight week laters Jonathan married Caroline another MIT. They move alot right now they live in Vancover, well an island by vancover. Suzanne lives in Virgina in the USA. Jessicas 14 and there sone Robert Micheal is 12. Ginnys in Calagry with charlotte 14, maggie 12, and william 10. Chris all so live there he now has a little girl Aura 1 and Jonathan still in bostan with a 2 year old daughter Ameila. So sometimes My nanna thinks no one well rember her, but she has four children who love here and seven grandchildren that love her too. They are two amazing people and i am pround to say I am Micheal and Valire's grandaughter.

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