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My Uncle and His Cancer

January 10, 2008
By Anonymous

My uncle had cancer. He fought it for about 7 years and we thought everything was going to be alright. But one night we were in San Diego and we got this phone call saying that my uncle was going to die so we drove back home and we went up to the hospital the doctor said we think he might possibly live so we stayed there about 3 hours that and everything was going good. So we went home and about 3 months later we got another phone call but it was from my Uncle Brent saying my Uncle is gone for sure. It was very unexpected .At the viewing we has a really good turn out there was a big huge line out till the chapel doors and there was about ten rows of people waiting to see my uncle. Then that next night arrived and we had to go to the funeral it was the saddest thing i have ever experienced. A lot of the people there crying but i knew my uncle was in a better place then were we are. My uncle had about 12 grandchildren and 6 kids one still in high school. My uncle was the best guy and I looked up to him and I still do. I miss him.

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