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and the best teacher is

February 2, 2009
By Joseph Ash BRONZE, Boise, Idaho
Joseph Ash BRONZE, Boise, Idaho
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A good teacher is someone who is fun and yet doesn't just play around. A good teacher knows their subject and makes it fun to work; they know that a taskmaster type teacher is not likely to do as well as a class that likes their teacher. There are several teachers in the world that fit this template but my favorite is my band director, Mr. Bear!

There are several reasons I believe Mr. Bear to my favorite teacher too many to put on one paper but here are a few. Mr. Bear is fun to be around, he jokes around and teases, for example he has a 'Book of Duh' with all the duh rules such as 'right notes sound better!' but despite how much fun we have he still makes sure you work hard. He won't let you sit back and take a nap; he has you practice and work hard in class but the subject he teaches and how he teaches it makes his class one of the finest to be in.
Another reason Mr. Bear is a Fantastical Wondrous Teacher is he sometimes plays Class Helping Games for example he will have us play Simon Say's to get us to concentrate if we are really out of it for some reason. Mr. Bear also has a way of making homework fun, for example on our practice sheets he has questions like 'I want to do well in band' and 'the band and director can count on me to learn my parts' and 'I like kitties'with barbeque sauce of course'.

The final reasons Mr. Bear deserves the Best Teacher Award is that he is fair he wont just give you a bad grade because he doesn't like you or raise your grade because your nice. You have to work for your grade! I prefer this to other teachers who say 'oh you got a bad grade! I'm sorry; here you're nice you got an A!'
These are just some of the many reasons Mr. Bear deserves the Best Teacher Award.
Thank you for listening to my reasons. I hope you agree with me and give Mr. Bear his well deserved Best Teacher Award!

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