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She's Been There For Me

December 13, 2007
By Anonymous

She’s been there for me since the moment I was born that beautiful spring day of March 20th. She’s cared for me and loved me through sickness and health, through the rough times and the good times, and through my raging teenage hormones. She’s the world’s greatest mom. And more importantly, she’s my mom.

Despite her best efforts, I was quickly snatched out of her hands and passed around by my other relatives in the hospital that gorgeous spring day. It didn’t matter whose arms I was in however, because I could always here my mother’s voice. I recognized that voice. For the past 9 months, that same voice read to me almost every day. That comforting voice that would lull me to sleep many times in my 16-plus years of existence also helped me find solace in a crowded, hospital room. Eventually I was passed back into my mother’s soothing arms, where I would someday learn to love and learn to laugh. Her voice, and her arms, would help me through life, and to this day continue to do so. Without my mom I would be slowly spiraling down a path of unethical choices and suffering. This is not to say that I am without fault; that in my 16 years of living I have never made a wrong decision. It is only to say that my mother is the reason for the majority of good choices I have made. I loved my mom, she was my role model.

By the time I was two, my father had made many immoral choices, which eventually lead to a divorce. But what he didn’t realize is that he had not only divorced my mother, but a part of me as well. From that day forward, my bond grew much stronger with my mom. She loves me very much, and she did everything she could to make me happy. We moved many times: from Savannah, to Glennville, and eventually McDonough, all within no more than five years. But Mom and I made the best of things. At age six, Mom started me off with Eagles Landing Christian Academy, where I would attend through my elementary education. I would not truly learn to appreciate the feat of putting a child in a private school, for five years, on nothing more than a basic teacher’s salary until much later in life. Some how we managed, we always did. The bond between my mom and I was strong, and I loved her very much, she was my icon.

I would continue my education at both Union Grove Middle School and High School even till today. School became much harder for me. The pressures of grades and eventually sports would burden me, but I could always come home to my mother’s voice and her warm, embracing arms. She helped me through my problems, and though I would not always immediately acknowledge the validity in things she would say, my mom always had words of wisdom to offer me. However something changed in me during middle school, something within. This inner change is no excuse for things I’ve said or things I’ve done, and though it would be easy, I shall not use it as a scapegoat. Yes, adolescence and hormones change processes of the body on both the in and the outside, but they do not alter the ability of one to show love or emotion. For the past couple of years, I have secluded myself from my family, and more importantly, my mom. There have been many arguments, mostly instigated by me, as well as many bad decisions made on my part. This has not stopped my mom from loving me, nor me from loving my mom; however it did make our relationship more strained. I’ve made stupid decisions and I’ve dealt with the repercussions, but never once did my mom leave my side. I’ve disappointed her many times, but she’s never stopped loving me. To say I know what happened to me that made me into sometimes seemingly-unloving child that I am today I would be lying. In all honesty I have no idea, but whatever it is I wish to fix it. Through the strain, I’ve never stopped loving my mom, and she never stopped being my inspiration.

I would do anything for mom. In spite of anything that has ever happened between us, I still love her more than anything or anyone. There is nothing more sacred than a parent’s love for their offspring. It’s a love that should be cherished and never taken for granted. I didn’t read this in a book, or see it in a movie this is something I have personally experienced through the love of my mom. She is the most important thing in my life; I love my mom very much, and she’ll always be my superhero.

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