A True Friend

Some people today consider friendship as an accessory, something to make them look or feel good. They have friends that will compliment them, stick up for them and give them what they want. They surround themselves with people who “won’t hurt them” and who “love” them. They don’t want their friends to correct them because then it points out that they did or are doing something wrong. The friends are also afraid to correct them because they don’t want to be rude or to offend their friend. This is an issue because when people live like this and have or are these kinds of friends they end up living on their own because they can’t talk to anyone. Is this true friendship?
Some people go through friendships like styles. Once their friend starts to make them look or feel bad, then they’re out. People today get offended very easily and they are afraid of offending others. Instead of correcting their friend and helping them see what they’re doing wrong they keep their mouth shut because it’s easier. This causes a problem because some people can’t keep quiet for long, once they’re with another friend they start to gossip, which ends up coming back to their friend and creating a giant mess. This is simple to fix, all we need to do is open our hearts and realize that our friends are there to love and care for us, and us for them. A big part in loving and caring for someone is correcting them and helping them. Instead of getting offended, look at it as a good thing. It is good to have someone on the outside of the situation to give their opinion because they often see things that the person in the situation doesn’t always notice.
True friends are not always easy to find, but once you’ve got one it’s the best. I have a friend who has been a friend to me for a few years now and we’ve been through a lot together. She has always been a true friend to me. How do I know this? Because she has done things for me and given me advice that doesn’t always benefit her, she has pretty much gone through my struggles with me. When it has gotten tough and I have been rude to her, she didn’t bail out even though it was easier, she stuck with me. She has always been honest with me, even if it is something that could hurt my feelings or something that I don’t want to hear. We’ve been there for each other and been honest with each other. One thing I have learned through our friendship is going through those hard times with your friend make you better friends. It’s funny because there are so many people who bail the moment they find out what is going on in their friends life because it’s tough, it’s no longer just about having fun. It’s almost like your friend is in a house fire and you can go in and try to help them, or you can stand outside and wait for them to come out. It is your choice. If you go in you could get hurt, and it is scary. If you stay out you’ll be safe. The tough part is making the decision and sticking with it. When your friend is going through something really tough it tests your friendship. I’m not saying that if you don’t stick with your friend through everything then you aren’t true friends, I’m saying that when you do stick with your friend and they stick with you it is a great feeling knowing that they are there for you.
I have never had a best friend like her before, someone who doesn’t abandon me, who I can talk to about anything and know that she’ll still be truthful to me. She inspires me to be a better friend and she has made an impact on my life. She is not only my friend but she is my sister. We may not be related but blood doesn’t define family, friendship and family can go hand in hand. A true friend can be like a sister or a brother. Now do not put your hope in your friends and family because they will fail you, just like you will fail them. The only one you can put your hope in is God, he is perfect. God is the best friend that you could ever have. God is so good, and he has blessed me with my friends and family. True friendship is not just having fun and talking with them, but sticking with them and loving them enough to help correct them if they are doing something wrong. I hope that in your life you get to be a true friend to somebody and that you would also have a true friend.

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