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   People who are heroic don't have tosave the galaxy or a life. Heroes are at peace with themselvesand don't seek to dominate others. For me this small group ofpeople is best represented by the Star Wars character Yoda.Yoda is a small birdlike creature who says, "Judge me bymy size, do you? Well, you should not." We could learn alot about ourselves from George Lucas's wise Jedi Master. Heis always calm, does not seek to impose himself upon nature astoo many humans do and his solutions to problems arenon-violent.

Many disputes that turn into serioussituations could be prevented if people learned to be calm,like Yoda; take a deep breath and exhale. If you feel calm,then continue; if not, you did not breathe well enough."Do or do not, there is no try," Yoda says. Peopleseem to act on anger too much and, as with the Force, angerwill only lead you down the dark path of life.

Thinkabout how the forests are being destroyed. Terrible, it is,no? Think about how all life on this planet is connected; ifone is harmed, then the balance of the Force of Life on thisplanet is changed. The destruction of the rainforests isterrible and affects all other life forms. Yoda accepts natureas it is and lives in harmony with it. Some people have doneso, but they have either been silenced or their peopledestroyed and the Force becomes even morefragile.

School shootings have touched everyone. Manyfollow Yoda's example and seek to resolve conflicts. If theonly solution is violence, then you have not found allsolutions to the problem. Situations have many approaches;choose the one that will work best without violence.

Ifyou think I believe in the Force, you are partly correct, forI believe all life is linked and when one part is destroyed,such as when humans cut down forests, all other lifesuffers.We are all linked together on this planet. The soonerpeople realize there is a force, and accept it, the galaxywill be much better. A hero can be anyone, including a littlegreen man. Yoda should be thought of as a hero, for what he isand does.

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i love this so much!

on Nov. 21 2011 at 7:36 pm
camohunter19 GOLD, Sedro-Woolley, Washington
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Good writing, good topic. My only complaint is yours about the rainforests being cut down. It's just another person doing his job, are you about to call somebody out on earning money? Or getting us a valuable item: paper? I'm sure that you use paper all the time in your classes. Are you about to throw that precious item away to save a few trees?