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Grandfather Humes!

March 14, 2008
By Anonymous

What is a heroe? Are they someone who takes care of you if you parents work, do they buy you most any thing you wont, or do they love you with all the love they have? Well, my grandfather has all those qulities and many more. He has done so much for me for the past fourteen years of my life he taught me how to ride a bike, tie ny shoe, and even ride a horse. My geandfather has been thought so much and there have been times when i thought i would lose him. I remember when i was around sux years old and he had six cloged arteries and all i could think about was when the day my poppow got to come home. I made him cards, letter, and even fake flowers out of constructon paper. I've always said that there was one person that has really changed my life it would be poppa Humes, he's just like a father to me. Thats what a hero is to me!

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