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Promoter of Conservation Steve Irwin MAG

By Anonymous

   Steve Irwin - when you hear that name, you think of that crazy guy on television whojumps on crocodiles and wrestles snakes, right? But that is definitely not what Iimagine when I hear his name.

Steve Irwin, a.k.a. The Crocodile Hunter, ismy hero. He is a truly amazing and gifted man whom I admire. Most people thinkthat he wrangles snakes, crocodiles and other fascinating and deadly animals justfor fun, but that is not it at all. Steve and his wife Terri try to "promoteconservation through exciting education." Many in this world think that themore dangerous or scary-looking animals (like snakes or bats) are pests and wantthem dead. Believe it or not, without these animals, we would be in big trouble.For instance, without snakes, our world would be crawling with vermin. If wedidn't have bats, there would be insects everywhere. So really, the scary anddangerous animals are very, very helpful. Getting this message across is whatSteve is all about.

Steve is my hero because he is so passionate aboutwhat he does. My goal in life is to move to Beerway, Queensland, Australia towork at the beautiful and amazing Australian Zoo. Steve lives there with his wifeand daughter.

Steve is an incredible man who is devoted, sensitive andpassionate about wildlife. He risks his life and limb every day just doing hisjob! Some of my friends joke around that I like Steve because I think he is hotor because he is from Australia (I do love Australia and have lots of Australianthings), but really I admire this awesome man for who he is and the work that hedoes.

There is a huge message that I think the whole world needs to know:we must conserve our wildlife and their habitat. Without animals, our life wouldbe a complete bore. We wouldn't have companions, and our diets would be quitedifferent without the milk, eggs and meat animals give us. Animals also help uswith our everyday work.

Animals are like people; you could just think ofthem as a different race. They have to eat, sleep and breathe just like us. Theyeven have their own languages. Most important, they have feelings too. Manyspecies mourn their dead, love their mates, care for their young and even getreally ticked off!

Steve Irwin is a remarkable and amazing man whoshould be known for his contributions to wildlife conservation. He has his owntelevision show and zoo, found a new species of turtle and has inspired millionsof people. So, "the crazy guy on TV," or The Crocodile Hunter as youmay think of him, is my hero. He's a hilarious and brilliant man whom I hope youwon't see as crazy, but as devoted to his passion. Crocs Rule!

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i love this so much!