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   Everyoneadmires somebody, perhaps for something they do, say or believe. My hero is aperson I've followed almost my entire life. Troy Aikman is a legend in theNational Football League, and a model for me to emulate.

I becameinterested in Troy when I watched my first football game. Although I was tooyoung to understand what the players were doing, I admired how Troy handledhimself on and off the field. His accurate passes were amazing, and when he tookoff his helmet on the sidelines, he always seemed to be in a good mood. The moreI learn about Troy, the more my interest in him grows.

Troydevoted much of his own money to building a children's hospital in Irving, Texas.This hospital allows children in underprivileged families to get free healthcare. I was not aware of his charitable side until I went looking for moreinformation on him.

I followed Troy's football career until 2000, when hehad to quit football because of all the blows he had taken to the head. I wasdisappointed, but relieved he hadn't sustained any brain damage. Fox TV asked himto be a sports announcer, and Troy accepted as a way to remain part of the game.Troy has been asked to play again by many teams, but he always declines andinstead focuses on his hospital.

Heroes are everywhere, helping worthycauses and providing kids with good influences. Not only was Troy an amazingfootball player, he's also a caring, happy, gentleman off the field. All thesetraits caught my eye, and that's why I'm proud Troy Aikman is my hero.

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