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By Anonymous

   "WhenI first came over here, there was nobody to care for me. Nobody to show me how todo things. Nobody to help me become what I wanted." I couldn't believe thiswas my mother telling me how good I had it compared to what she dealt with inNigeria.

I never could understand why my mom was so hard on me and mybrother, especially when it came to education. Not a day goes by that she doesn'tnag us to study, read and do our homework. Sometimes I wish I could have a morelenient mother like some of my friends, but as she lectures me, I realize whatgood lessons she instills in us.

My mother's father was the chief in hisvillage and owned a saw mill. Being the eldest of 12, my mom had to take care ofher brothers and sisters, maintain the house and attend school. At 5 a.m. my momwoke up, did her chores, then walked miles to school. If she was late she wouldbe castigated not only by the headmaster, but also her father.

At the ageof 16 it was arranged for my mother to marry my father, a person she did not loveat first, but learned to love. If she had not agreed to marry, my mother wouldhave been severely punished or worse. At age 19, my mother contractedsmallpox.

When my mother came to America, she left everything behind. Shearrived in Texas alone and struggled to find a job and get a college education.In the midst of all that, she became pregnant with me.

With no one togive my mom anything, she gave everything for me. To this day my mother workshard to ensure that her children have everything she didn't. Despite her earlyresponsibilities, she still managed to achieve her goals. Because of my mother'sresilience and dedication, she became a registered nurse.

I couldn'tbelieve what I was hearing from my mom, but I realized how much I take forgranted. My mom spent hours studying to obtain the degrees to care for those whocan't care for themselves, while at the same time instilling in me the importanceof education and the beauty of love. Whenever my brother or I are sick, my mothernever leaves our side. For a person to have had the life she's had, you wouldn'tthink she would be as loving as she is. And although my mom isn't famous anddoesn't make a ton of money, she has made an impact on a life - mine.

Mom,at times I may seem selfish and unappreciative, but I thank you for all you havedone and continue to do for me. I hope someday to possess some of your specialqualities and evolve into a beautiful, strong, loving, intelligent queen likeyou.

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