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By Anonymous

   Loving,caring, dedicated, selfless, trustworthy - this describes someone very dear tome, my mom. She is also my best friend, my inspiration, my role model, myhero.

When you see her, you think, Wow, that lady has it all. Her smile,her tone, her eyes show the love she holds inside and gives to everyone. Sheinspires me to care for others and show her love.

Although she may notseem like a real hero to you, she has given me much inspiration. Two and a halfyears ago my father passed away, and that same week she was diagnosed withHepatitis C, a deadly disease. While going through shock, grief and sorrow, shestill was unselfish and considerate and did anything for me that she could. She'sdedicated her life to raising my brother and me. She has helped us become whatshe is and more; without her, I'd be lost.

So maybe my hero didn'tliterally save my life, but in a sense she did. She has taught me good moralslike staying away from drugs, and she's kept me from harm. She's even helped mefind good friends and influences. Her hard work has paid off.

I feel soblessed to have such a wonderful mom, whom I love with all my heart. So, have youtold your parent or guardian you love them lately? Have you hugged them today? Ifnot, don't delay - do it today.

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i love this so much!