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February 17, 2008
By Anonymous

Look its super man. my hero..thats what most people say when they see superman or batman wonderwomen, but do you know who the every day heroes are? To tell you the truth they are all around us firefighters,cops,nurses and all those people but the unone heroes are your parents.Have you ever noticed that they where the ones who told you to button up when it was cold or when you got a good grade they put it up on the frige or when you fell they kissed it and told you it was gonna be ok.Yes you might get mad at them for know reasons but just like me you will realize that they do it for a reason and some day you will regret what you once said to them. The day when you see your parents in there death bed you will realise that you'll miss them and would want to tell them you love them over and over again.remember that you can always imagen that you have super powers and you can save the world but your super heroes will always be your parents.No matter how far appart you are,the'll always love you and be ther for you when your kryptenite is around

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