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Father - Chuck B. MAG

By Sam B., Wexford, PA

     My dad is the best dad in the world. He's even number one according to all the neighborhood kids. He always plays with my friends when we need an extra player, and coaches me in wrestling matches. He has supported me in whatever I do. He takes me skiing and helps me when I am sick or injured. He even eats my broccoli when I am full, which is total dedication.

To look at my dad, you would see a short man with a bald head, but what you wouldn't see is the biggest and best heart ever! He is a dad you know loves you all the time. Even during disagreements, I know deep down he wants what's best for me. Even when I get into trouble, he helps me work it out. I know I can count on him and trust him because he never lies.

My dad has always protected me. Just last winter, my brother, Dad, and I rented a cabin in the mountains for a weekend. On my way back from the outhouse, I slipped on a patch of ice. I flew back and banged my head. Somehow I got up and ran into the cabin. I got scared when I touched the back of my head and saw my hand full of blood. I said, "It's bleeding, it's bleeding."

My dad quickly rinsed my head and took me to the hospital. I was shaking and scared. My dad held my hand the whole time the doctor put four staples in the right back corner of my head to close the wound. My dad was there when I needed him. That's what every human being should be like.

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