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Painless Man

April 16, 2008
By Anonymous

Is that bird? (It's a little too big). A plane? (Of course not, planes are far bigger) Superman? (You believe in Superman? What are you nine?)Painless Man?(Ding ding ding that is correct only took you a billion tries)

Yes, Painless Man. The worlds best Superhero (And the best boxer, food taster, punching bag, and FBI Agent).

The death defying superhero. He takes Rabies shots at his checkups, and takes bullets for presidents. He’s on more Lunchbox covers than ketchup.

The nation’s hero, Painless Man, has no weaknesses. He is not only Pain Less, but invincible.

His only weakness? He is terribly afraid of little hamsters. However, thankfully, that rarely comes into play.

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