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Hurricane Katrina Volunteers: Unsung Heroes MAG

By Anonymous

     To me, heroes are brave, helpful and respectful; they’re people you can trust. My heroes are the volunteers who went to New Orleans to help clean up and aid the evacuees.

First of all, I think the people who went to New Orleans are very brave. I imagine it would take a lot of strength and courage to go to the site of America’s worst natural disaster. I couldn’t deal with all bodies or the smell. It must have been horrible. If I lived in New Orleans and saw what the people were doing to help those in need, I couldn’t thank them enough.

Although there was so much damage in New Orleans, there were so many volunteers willing to help clean up. They have had to be really strong to deal with what they found. To help those you don’t even know is something that there are no words for. It comes from the goodness of their hearts. It shows that those people have respect for our country.

The volunteers have helped the evacuees by giving them food, water and shelter. They are working to find shelter for those who don’t have a roof over their heads. There are also many volunteer doctors and nurses to help the wounded. There are so many volunteers it’s almost unreal.

There are many ways to describe a hero, but not enough words to describe the men and women who are in New Orleans. They are all brave, courageous, caring and more. I don’t think I could do anything that compares to what those brave people are doing. There’s nothing better than knowing that you’ve helped your country and fellow Americans. These are some of the reasons why the men and women in New Orleans are my heroes.

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