Mother - Heidi M. MAG

By Kayla M., Gibsonia, PA

     My mom is always there for me, even through the hardest times. She is a big help when I need someone to quiz me for a test or check my homework. When I get home every day, I know someone special is waiting for me. That means so much!

If Mom had let me quit piano or band when I wanted to years ago, I would never have known that I have a talent for music. She is very supportive and pays for my music lessons when she could be spending the money on lots of other things. She is always willing to drive me where ever I need to go, including basketball practice and friends’ houses. I love going shopping and spending time with Mom. All those times I missed the bus or slept in, she drove me to school. When I am sick, she takes care of me and does what she can to help me feel better.

I would never switch moms in a million years because mine is my best friend. She will always be at my side and that is why I love her so much. Having her is the greatest thing in the world. She has taught me what it means to really love your children. Thanks, Mom, you’re the best!

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