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I Love How the Talk of a Turbulent Future...

May 7, 2008
By Anonymous

I love how the talk of a turbulent future can slip surreptitiously into the mold of a discussion of peppermint ice cream. My mother, the international icon of a young girls life. The one who eclipses the terrors of life with a blanket and a steaming glass of hot coco. In growing up with this women she has unfolded a future for me in which there will always be a glint of curiosity at the end of the tunnel. What makes her so different from all other mothers? The way her continuous excitement can turn a mess of shredded paper into a rainbow only Adam and Eve were ever blessed enough to witness. Ever since birth she has made everything an adventure. Her excitement is contagious, and the excitement captured in her eyes can never break free from the chains of her curiosity. So, strung together they dazzle dreary deserts into divine oasises. Even on the dullest of rainy days a bit of glitter and a bit of paint will elicit contagious giggles from her that the rain can never reach. In growing up with this woman I have adopted this trait, I have become keenly aware of even the smallest detail that could produce a smile. Her vivid life paints the moon a shade of yellow so bright that it can always be spotted through the clouds. No matter where this great big world takes me, I will always take along her pinch of adventure. I will always take along a smirk, saved for the darkest of days. I will always take along a piece of my mother.

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