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By Anonymous

     A wise, unknown author once wrote, “Firefighters save hearts and homes.” I am a cadet firefighter in my small town, so I know firsthand that this is absolutely true. Not only do these brave men and women sacrifice themselves to save the lives and property of total strangers, but they go out of their way to touch the lives of victims as well as their own families and friends.

The selfless and remarkable attitudes of firefighters begin in the firehouse with its youngest members. Being a cadet plays a huge part in my life, and each Thursday I train is another memorable learning experience. When I’m there, I’m in high spirits knowing that I am surrounded by all my heroes, the ones whose actions have made such a difference in so many lives, just as they have in mine.

Not only do I benefit from the important knowledge that could someday be used at a fire, motor-vehicle accident, or water rescue, but I also learn from the brave firefighters. I love learning about tools and different knots, reveling at how I might use this information to help those in need. What I really want to learn is what it takes to impact others’ lives so significantly and still attain the joking personalities that I’ve grown to love.

I’ve witnessed just how far firefighters will go to save houses and their residents. My father was the chief of the fire company, so I’ve watched many fires fought fearlessly by ordinary people just doing their job. While I was always in awe at how my dad would race to the scene, my amazement grew when I saw his dedication as he quickly put on his gear to join the others. Every time I gaze at the supermen dressed in black with yellow stripes, I hope that someday I will be like them, and help others, possibly being a hero to someone.

I cannot say that firefighters have rushed to my own burning house. However, I know they would be there in a flash as I have seen them do for countless others. They have inspired me in entirely different ways altogether. The firefighters I know have affected my heart and spirit, from the way they thoughtlessly take extreme measures to help someone in need, to how they take the time to pass on their knowledge and bravery to my generation so that we may aspire to save beloved homes and hopeful hearts

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i love this so much!

on Aug. 31 2017 at 1:49 pm
A-real-me BRONZE, Newaygo, Michigan
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This article was truly inspiring.

Chris said...
on Oct. 21 2013 at 9:43 am
I read your story and gave me a new idea of heroes around us. Usually we don't think about firefighters in a daily life. But when you come to think of it, they risk their lives to save a strangers life and a property. When they get a call, firefighters will quit whatever they were just doing and quickly get ready to fight the fire. I like the way you expressed superman dressed in black with yellow stripes. It made me visualize the hero in our lives. Firefighter is a great hero in people's life.