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Kelly Slater, surfer and enviromental activist

January 9, 2023
By lucie123 BRONZE, Le Taillan Medoc, Other
lucie123 BRONZE, Le Taillan Medoc, Other
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   Sports is the best thing to bring people together. There are lots of sports in the world so lots of passion to shave. Each sport has a power and things to shave.

   Kelly Slater is an american surfer. He was born on the 11 February 1972. When he was younger, he had a difficult relationship with his father. Slater was very sad and he wanted to test new things. So he started surfing with his brothers and he loves that. He took refuge into this sports and a big passion starts. Kelly was going everywhere in the world, he tryed the best place for surfing. Nowadays, he has won 11 surfing world titles. He is the best surfers of all time. He won many Surf Champions League. He is the younger and the older surfer in this world. Kelly has a special relationship with the ocean so he wanted to turn himself into a environmental activist. The first time he really thought about pollution, it's when he surfed in France. He has mouthful of water, because he fell, and he was shoked by the numbner of plastic bags in the water.

   Kelly is a member of Sea Shepeard Society and highly involved in Reef Check, an association of people to protect barriery reefs and the Ocean. He createD his brand and pass in many interview to talk about this cause. Thanks to him, many other surfers fight against ocean pollution ans save animals and planete.

  I love surfing and Kelly is the king, i really love him. T

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