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James Droz's Revenge

December 12, 2022
By Anonymous

The Great James Droz

When James was a kid he was very quiet, shy, and unathletic. He also had a great relationship with his father and watched every Kansas City Chiefs game with him. James’ best friend was his father and they bonded over football and their favorite team was the Chiefs. One day James’ life would be flipped upside down. The year was 2014 and James was 10 years old. He was watching the Chiefs with his mother and father. When out of nowhere the university of Southern California broke into the house and pushed James to the ground. At that moment they grabbed both of his parents and threw them into a car and drove away. Just like that James’ life was ruined or so we thought.

After multiple days of crying non stop James decided that he would become a professional football player in his parent’s honor. He finally got off the couch and decided to stop being so lazy. He started to workout everyday for 14 hours. He gave up all of his friends to achieve this goal. Everynight he would cry himself to sleep thinking about his missing parents. With getting revenge on USC always in the back of his mind.

Day by day James would notice little differences from the day before. He began to put on lots of muscle and become much more athletic. James never took a day off because he needed to completely transform his way of life. The better shape he got in the more confident and less shy he became. 

Finally it was James’ senior year and he was the captain of the football team and the highest ranked prospect in the country. He stood 6 foot 5, 400 pounds and was a quarterback. Not only had James become one of the greatest athletes seen to man but he was also the most social player on the team. He played at Barlesville High School who was infamously terrible at football. However with the help of James they were 15-0 and for the first time ever in the state championship. The team that Barlesville was supposed to play in the championship got disqualified for using peds. So James had an idea. He got on his tiktok account calling out USC. Never before had a college team played a high school team, especially an elite program such as USC. They immediately responded, accepting the challenge.

It was finally the big day and James was in the locker room. He was listening to Pop Out by Polo G which was his hype song. The game was starting and the coin toss went to USC. They decide to receive the kick. USC ended up returning the kick 97 yards for a touchdown and they jumped up to a 7-0 lead. Now it was James’ turn. He started the drive with a 7 yard run. After 12 more plays and 10 minutes James passed to his favorite receiver Cory Davis for a 4 yard touchdown pass. USC and James kept going back and forth, touchdown after touchdown. 

Finally there were 3 seconds left in the game and USC was trailing 104-98. With a touchdown they would defeat James and his only goal in life. USC had the ball at the 3 yard line and for the first time ever James would play defence. USC snapped the ball and Terrell Bynum was wide open. James ran and dove from the otherside of the endzone and picked it off. It was the greatest play anyone had ever seen before. James jumed up and ran over to Lincoln Riley and yelled one thing. “WHAT HAPPENDUHHH!?” with that James finally got his revenge on USC.

The author's comments:

This is a true story

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