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A Day in the Life of a Reporter

May 20, 2019
By equinn19 BRONZE, Park Ridge, Illinois
equinn19 BRONZE, Park Ridge, Illinois
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Toni Ginnetti was a woman who spent her days in what seemed like a man’s world and she felt it. Ginnetti spoke about times where she wouldn’t be respected or she wouldn’t even be acknowledged because she was a female. She was a reporter who worked with the Sun Times and spent a lot of her time with Chicago sports teams, White Sox, Cubs, and the Bulls. She talked about a specific event when she entered the locker room of the Chicago White Sox after a game and attempted to ask questions to some players, unfortunately, she left the player’s name out of the story so my knowledge is limited. Toni went on and explained how disrespectful said player was to her, she said that the player said something along the lines of, “What would a woman know about baseball?” Although a few days later the player apologized, Toni said that she, every once and awhile, faced discrimination throughout her career just because of her gender.

Ginnetti also talked about some very interesting relationships she had with some very prominent and well-known players. She talked about how she spread awareness for Adam Dunn’s son who needs specialized care. Talked about her interesting relationship with guys like Frank Thomas, Ryne Sandberg, and more. I find this occupation very cool because of how many pro baseball players Toni got to meet and talk to on a daily basis, that seems like a dream come true.

Toni Ginnetti’s life is the opposite of boring and it was most definitely a worthwhile experience for me to listen to her speak. I hope to have another opportunity to listen to Toni speak again in the future. One day, I hope to be able to have such intriguing stories to share with the world.

The author's comments:

I was assigned by my English teacher to attend a talk by a reporter by the name of Toni Ginnetti.

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