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The Funniest Teacher Ever

May 4, 2018
By TesuKito GOLD, Sacramento, California
TesuKito GOLD, Sacramento, California
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"I look at the world from a different angle
People change; even Satan used to be an angel" - NF

What kind of person makes a good teacher? The people who becomes a teacher are just doing their jobs and there are some people who loves the job and likes to see kids grow up to be successful and gives them their full support.

   I remember my first day of school of Rosa Parks in was when I met Mr.Parker in my 8th grade and I’m still shy because I barely talk when I was still in 7th grade and the way that Mr.Parker assigns us with Homework about searching up the news and the next day, we have to speak out loud in class so people can hear and each day that passes by, I get more confident by talking in class and in a crowd. He made me the person that I am today and now I’m not as quiet anymore. He gives out candy for remembering one of the places in the world too (In general).

He is very funny and he came over to each and everyone of us in the classroom and greeted each one of us personally one by one at a time, so we can feel more comfortable and he made all of us laugh when he roasts someone and by each day in Current Events Class/History.

He would always bring us closer to each other till everyone in the class became friends and another thing that’s so cool about him is how he never snaps and starts yelling and he always stays calm and plays it out in the moment and roasts them in the end and gets the last laugh and when someone interrupts him in class, he’ll send them out and say “Step ou-side” and brings them in when ever he wants to

I still remember a guy named “Quiyan” who got sent outside and he said “it’s cold out here” and Mr.Parker said “I don’t care. Create a campfire out there if you have to.” but in the end he says “Have a nice day, no matter what I did to ya”.  I’ve never had him in my 7th grade but I wish I did. I still remember my classmate was not paying attention and Mr.Parker said “Turn that head around, Even though the back looks better than the front of the head”. I was dying of laughter.

Every time whenever it’s our birthday he’ll always give us some hot chips and gatorade or powerade of our choice and he never says “I got you tomorrow” because he already has the chips on your birthday and he also sells hot chips and drinks at lunchtime and gives me a discount for being one of his favorite students and sometimes when we finish all assignments in class, he’ll always say “FREE TIME” and we can do whatever we want but just not something stupid and in the last 10 minutes of class.

To him, I’m known as the chill and smart guy and also one of his best students and right back to him, he’s also #1 on my favorite teacher list and in class, we talk about politics in class and says some deep quotes and tells us lessons about life and the way of a path to success to life and gives us his full support no matter if you’re on his bad side or good side. Sadly he is retired and luckily I had him before he retired and the reason why I said ‘Sadly’ is because he will always be one of those teachers where you’ll miss and remember in your heart and your mind no matter how old you are and trust me, you’ll want him as your teacher.

   We had a party for celebrating Mr.Parker’s retirement party and for the last day of school too for becoming high school students and we had LOTS of fun and everybody was laughing and many people bought their own chips to share and homemade food to share, as well as cups and drinks from stores and many more food and we’re eating it while watching a movie. I’ll never forget this moment for the rest of my life.

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