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my favorite teacher

March 24, 2009
By marissa girardi BRONZE, Clinton, Connecticut
marissa girardi BRONZE, Clinton, Connecticut
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My Favorite Teacher
“You can come to see me whenever you need too.” I was unsure if I would talk to her in school even though she told me it was ok to come see her whenever I needed to. Coming into this school, as a little freshman, I was scared of more drama and problems with people and school work, but somehow all of that changed when Mrs. Gworek, the school librarian, offered me help in school. She always had a smile on her face, and always wore cute outfits. She always knew the right words to say when it came to teachers or students.

When school started, I started getting use to the new ways of the Morgan School. The schedule was different and classes were longer and more difficult. Still not having seen this lady my mom introduced to me a couple of weeks ago, at the firehouse.
One late afternoon there had been a fire house monthly meeting and my mom told me to come and meet some people. So as I moved through the crowds of people there was one lady just standing there talking to one of the chiefs. My mother had said hi to her and then introduced me to her. She had told me her name and told me that she was a librarian t the Morgan School
and told me that if I ever needed anything to go ahead and visit her. I was like in my head, “I don’t think I’ll ever see her I can make it by myself”. But in the end I did need to see her.

School started getting harder and more people were “criticizing” me and my friends around me. I had no idea how to balance school and friends. When progress reports were distributed, my grades were not as great as they used to be in Eliot. I was worried about what my mom would say and I decided that it was a perfect time go and talk to Mrs. Gworek. I don’t exactly remember the whole conversation but she helped me talk to my teachers to get extra help, but she reassured me by telling me “You can do this Marissa; you can achieve anything, and remember I am here for you if you need anything.” This was very comforting for me as a freshman. Somehow I felt as though I wanted to see her everyday at school. As years went on in school, a major disaster hit me and my sister Melanie hard.
Senior year has been going great. The play coming up, Carousel, the Prom Fashion Show , and prom are all right around the corner. But just a couple of months ago my mom had fell very ill. No one knew what was wrong with her, and one night when I had just about to fall asleep my mom ran to the bathroom and she was very sick. We had to call the ambulance because she had no energy to go anywhere, and knowing my mom as an EMT she did not want to get taken away in one but she was awful. I was very upset and the hospital, Middlesex, had kept her over night and wanted to do some tests on her. I went to school the next day torn into pieces and Mrs. Gworek was right besides me helping my day move along because all I could do was sit and cry. She talked to me about what had happened and told me if I needed anything all day to just go and talk to her I could. This instant in my life made me realize that Mrs. Gworek was my “mom”. She took care of me even though she did not have to. She fed me whenever I forgot lunch and I know in my heart that she would do anything for me and my sister. I am so glad that I met her freshman year here at Morgan. If Mrs. Gworek did not know me I am sure that I would have had rougher years in high school. She has the biggest heart, the nicest smile and the most love that anyone could give. She truly is my role model, my friend and most of all, my mom at school.

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