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Nominated Teacher of the Year

January 27, 2009
By Breanna Brecks BRONZE, Boise, Idaho
Breanna Brecks BRONZE, Boise, Idaho
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My name is Breanna. The teacher I choose to write about is my 7th grade math teacher Mr. Eiguren. Why? Well here I go.
Mr. Eiguren is pretty normal, he?s tall, with black hair, he wears black and lime green glasses that are very cool, and obviously he?s a guy. He?s Basque and owns his own Basque store; that I took a field trip to. He stands out in the hall and gives out high fives and hugs during the switch of classes.
Math has always been my favorite and best subject. It?s also my most enjoyable subject because, I understand Math the most. Mr. Eiguren makes that very easy to enjoy and understand Math and I like that. This year I am taking 8th grade math as a 7th grader. I have a solid A in that class.
Mr. Eiguren is really funny and makes the whole class laugh most of the time. He does lots of things from make fun of himself to teasing us all the way to making comments about famous people. But, don?t get me wrong he knows when to be serious and strict at the same time. He?s that kind of teacher that you want to go to when the time comes and the teacher that you?re happy to go to their class.
Mr. Eiguren is one of the coolest teachers around. He?s so awesome and fun ninety-nine present of the time he makes the whole class laugh. What more can a kid ask for? He brightens up my day right of the bat because, I have him 1st! He entertains us every second of the forty-six minutes the class is in there. Nominate Mr. E please.

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