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World Studies Up Close

January 26, 2009
By Anonymous

I would like to nominate Mr. Shane Jenné. I would nominate him because he has taught me a lot. And I hope that I see him a lot more. Either that or hopefully I can go visit him at break, before school, or after school. He has reddish-orange hair. He has a mustache and a beard that is reddish-orange.
What makes a good teacher? Hmmm I think that a good teacher needs to not always be in a bad mood. Or give the entire class a hard time. Even though Mr. Jenné isn’t always in an ecstatic mood but he’s hardly ever in a bad mood.
I think that what Mr. Jenné has that the other teachers, coaches, principles, counselors don’t is that he’s trying to make the assignments more fun. And to me trying is the best thing any person/ teacher can have.
Another reason that Mr. Jenné would be my best teacher is that he helps us learn by helping us with whatever he can. When we get good grades on E.O.C’s he lets us have a party. Another reason that Mr. Jenné should win is that he tries the most out of allo my teachers to get us an A. He doesn’t give us the answer. He helps us.
To conclude. I think that Mr. Jenné should be Educator of the Year. I hope he wins!

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