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Ms. Karnik

December 18, 2008
By Anonymous

" The best teachers teach from the heart, not from the book." I have encounters many teachers throughout my years in school and will come upon many more i'm a special place in my heart. My 9th grade math teacher Ms. Karnik is one teacher that I will always remember. Althought she was not what a student would call a "easy" teacher,her enthusidsm always made me love going to her class. Everytime i walk into her class Ms.Karnik would greet me with a warm smile , she made me feel very welcome. There was never a day she would grounch or acted negative torward students. She always wanted the class to be alert and ready , and so when the students were sleeping or not particpating Ms.Karnik would turn on the radioand gather cheerleader pom-poms and put on a dance, to get the class back on track. There were also times and she would starting to sing opera. Ms. Karinik is a special teacher because even thought she would teach us kids she was always hersef which always made her class entertaining. Apart from Ms. Karnik's great attitude she was an amazing educator as well. She taught every lesson with patience and made everything as simple as possible. When she would teach I would be so anticipated to get home and get started on the homework, because I didnt feel threatened by math. If iI found myself stuck on a type of problem I would never feel shy to ask for help because I know she will always offer answers. What really separtes Ms.Karnik from my prior teachers was how she interacted with us. She would always crack jokes and always make us laugh till we couldn't laugh anymore. Or when she would see a child was feeling a bit down she wouldn't put pressure on them or obligate them to answer questions because she would already get the vibe that something was wrong. That is what makes a good teacher not a person who gives you the "easiest" A or the person or teacher whoe gives you the smallest amount of home work, but a good teacher is one who educates a student with words and numbers as well as memories that will be remembered by them as they growup to adulthood. This inspirational teacher has influenced me greatly , thanks to her great teaching techniques and her bubbly, creative personality she is one who will alwasy specify from other teachers.

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