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Mr. Albers

November 14, 2008
By Anonymous

I think the teacher of the year award should go to Mr. Albers because he teaches what a lot of people call a boring class: environmental biology. But, Mr. Albers knows how to make the class fun and funny. Mr. Albers makes the class fun because in every new unit we have to learn, he has us do a lab; he goes deep into finding a fun lab for us to do. When we had to learn about the environment outside and how a lot of rain can damage the earth by moving the soil around, we did a lab with some soil and water. We also observed how the soil moved and tried to figure out how we could move some trees around and others things to fix the damage.
Instead of just using a lab out of the teacher’s handbook, he gives us hands-on projects and activities. When we had to learn about trees, Mr. Albers knew it was a very boring subject, but because it was so nice out and because Mr. Albers knew we would all cry about how boring it was, we did the entire unit outside. We would meet in the classroom and then grab our stuff and go outside and learn about trees. When it came to our unit test for that chapter, we even went out side to take our test.
Even when I needed help one day after school, he had to go get his little girl from school, but he still stayed after with me until the last minute. He told me if I needed any more help, he would get to school early in the morning for me if I needed him to. This is why Mr. Albers should win the teacher of the year; he thinks about his students before he thinks of himself.

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