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A Teacher Everyone Should Experience

March 18, 2013
By meatluvr1845 BRONZE, Pine, Colorado
meatluvr1845 BRONZE, Pine, Colorado
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“ Hmmm, looks like you went to the university for...um.....‘special’ people,” my neurotic teacher shouts. Every person in the class chomps down hard on their bottom lip, in effort not to laugh. My 65-year-old, enjoyable, wise, and energetic teacher scribbles down the law of cosine on the smart board and simultaneously uses facetious humor on the smartest kid in my class. Not exactly a traditional teacher, but everyone loves the happy-go-lucky teacher in the 8th grade, Ms. MacLennan.

It’s no secret that everyone enjoys Ms. MacLennan’s, a.k.a., Ms. Mac’s class. Other teachers are envious of how much her students like her. Being the epitome of nerd-hood, Ms. Mac knows how to playfully tease her class while thoroughly implanting math concepts in their brains. After about six months in her class, I can confidently say she is the most mentally unstable person I have ever met and one of the most intelligent, helpful, and generous people I have ever met as well.

I feel like Ms. Mac really knows how to connect with her students. Most teachers just rant on about the emancipation proclamation or the correct usage of who and whom. Unlike typical educators, Ms. Mac actually cares if there is teenager drool on her desks. During a lecture, she consistently asks questions and has us do problems on our own. Students who attend Ms. Mac’s class often score A’s and B’s on their tests. I myself have learned to love math. Ms. Mac has helped me understand that math is all around us. As human beings, it is our natural routine to work math into our everyday lives.

Although Ms. Mac is an exquisite teacher, it isn’t just the teaching aspect she’s nailed spot-on. Ms. Mac’s teaching style and personality is specific to the age group she teaches. Her method is simple. Humor. Sarcasm and satire is used to liven up the classroom. As soon as burnt-out eyelids begin to droop, Ms. Mac cracks a joke and it seems like the classroom literally brightens.

Ms. MacLennan has taught me and multiple students more than just math. Everyone should experience this type of teacher sometime in their life, whether they’re six or forty. No matter if you’re a larger than life social butterfly or a introverted and respectful person, there’s no doubt that you’ll have a connection with Ms. Mac. I know I did.

The author's comments:
I never really enjoyed math until Ms. Mac. I wish she could teach everyone of my classes

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