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Mr. Hoetker

January 23, 2009
By Anonymous

A good teacher of mine is Mr. Hoetker. This is one of the reasons I picked him. He’s a good teacher who just fits in with the kids.

He makes sure no kid is left behind. He offered to spend lunch and break to tutor you if you had trouble. And what you need. He always tries his best. He will take a really boring thing and make it the best period of the day.

He’s funny and he’s good with kids. He tries not to confuse you with his work. But you will connect pretty soon actually very soon cause he knows when your confused. Every kid thinks he is the coolest teacher in the world. Well, I agree.

Hey to all of you out there if you think you have a better teacher than me. You need to call me. What I mean about taking something boring to fun is like bingo he said if you got a bingo you would get a bobcat card and you get to fight him with light sabers it was way fun. But, even though I didn’t get a bingo. It was still cool to see my friends having fun!!!!!!!...
HE’S THE BOMB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...

Well I’m in his class right now got to go he’s calling me. BYE!...

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