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Educator of the Year

December 17, 2007
By Anonymous

Junior year can be described in one word: stressful. Coming to North campus at Arrowhead High school was a huge deal for all the in-coming juniors. Now, I’m at a bigger campus with older kids and have a lot more responsibilities. I started to try hard in school since junior year is the most important year. I was constantly worrying about homework and test.

Finally, is what I thought every time I walked into American Problems. Mr. Reichle was the one teacher I had when I walked through his door everyday after lunch, I knew the day would get better. Mr. Reichle is the type of teacher that just “tells it how it is.” He doesn’t look down at me as if I were a child. He talks to me on the same level.
The subject I had with Mr. Reichle was American problems; it was a laid back class with little homework. When you hear that, you think slack off class, but the thing is, I learned a lot of information because I actually wanted to listen. Everyday in the beginning of the class we would talk about the news and I was always updated on what was going on in the world.
I would love it if Mr. Reichle would win educator of the year; he is the type of teacher that would appreciate the honor of winning that.

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