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Mrs. King

November 17, 2008
By Anonymous

Being one of the quiet students at Arrowhead Union High, I never expected to make special bonds with my teachers. Not that I take it personally, but with the 2,400 other students at Arrowhead, I didn’t expect the staff to get to know everyone. During freshman year in, foods class, I walked in nervous, but when Mrs. King called out my name, she asked politely if I had an older sister Haley. As I answered yes, she said, “You look like her. How is she doing?” That’s when I knew she was a “Super” teacher.

To this day, I am constantly amazed with how organized and on top of things she is. When she’s not answering questions before class, she is talking to each student about their day and how their family is or even discussing what they are doing over the weekend. She shows more signs of care when she remembers what you said and follows up. She even once asked me, “How did that test go in math you were worried about, and How was visiting your sister over the weekend?”

This year, I have Mrs. King as my teacher for health careers and human services. She is constantly setting up job shadows, speakers for each student’s job interests, giving extra credit and more. She also works with setting up alternative studying activities for students with disabilities to match what they can and cannot do. She gives options to the class, watch a movie and take notes or research on the Internet, then takes a vote to let us make our own decision.
Mrs. King has helped me become a great student and person overall. She doesn’t teach just how to succeed in school, but she also teaches how to succeed in life. Mrs. Brenda King is more than a teacher. She is the “Mom” of the classroom. She wants more for her students and pushes them to achieve that goal.
When I was doing my project in her class on balancing our time I realized, because she is in so many clubs, classes, students and her own personal life, she really is a “Super Teacher”, working above and beyond.

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