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Ms. Ward

January 6, 2011
By Boxi-Chen BRONZE, Bowie, Maryland
Boxi-Chen BRONZE, Bowie, Maryland
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I would like to nominate Selena Ward, Benjamin Tasker Middle School’s technology teacher as the educator of the year. Ms. Ward is a very hard working teacher. She always thinks what is really better and coordinate fun programs for all the students.

Ms. Ward has a very busy schedule. She operates the school store before school starts. Even though her planning period is short, she sometimes loses it for TAG meetings. Every Thursday, she stays after school until 4:45 for technology club. She plans for many things during the day.
Ms. Ward puts her heart in trying to get the school to use technology. She finds useful websites and give them to teachers who can use to improve their teachings. She has a website where people can request help for technology. She is asking for everyone’s advice on what the school should spend their technology fund on. Ms. Ward knows what to buy and what will hlp the school.

Ms. Ward’s teaching style is very friendly. She tends to stay where we are until all the students who are behind get all the information that she covered. She always says that “We are as fast as the slowest one here.” Her assignments are mostly effort based. Most of the time, she tries to make the class fun to keep students’ attention

Ms. Ward is a very good teacher. She is nice and understands students. She works very hard at work. She thinks what are actually better for students, all students would prefer Ms Ward as a teacher, and I’m glad and proud that I have her as teacher

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