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That Teacher

January 23, 2009
By Anonymous

My favorite teacher is Mr. Hoetker sometimes. My third period teacher on day’s he is nice other’s he’s mean some funny he has a different mood every day of the week. Whatever mood he is in he always takes the time to help you. He is one of those people “who would give you his favorite south JR high shirt of his hairy back.”

Another reason I like my 5’ 10” light brown hair and hazel eyes. Is that he always changes it up, and does thee unexpected. Also he his really wacky and really fun! Like right before the EOCs we were just going to play bingo, but Mr. Hoetker changed it up. Every time you got a bingo you get a bobcat card. And a chance to fight Mr. Hoetker with his Star War’s light sabers to get another bobcat card.

My all-time coolest assignment we did this year is when we made books for a group of second graders that go to Monroe. A school just downs the road. Until this assignment I never know why Mr. Hoetker was so up tight strict and always making us give 150%. If we didn’t work and we waste his time he wastes are time after school. We walked down the road and entered the school as we approached the big wooden door. Entering the room kids screaming and going crazy. At that moment I realized why Mr. Hoetker was always so strict and up tight. He cared about the kids, and wanted to give us the skills to make us more educated, smarter , and better writers like my grandpa used to say he want’s us to “go so far you reach the stars.”

So if you think you have a better teacher/rapper you’re a fool. Through this story I proved that Mr. Hoetker is the coolest and best educator, not just of the year, but of all time.

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