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Mrs.Trumbo the Magnificent

October 15, 2009
By Madisynyoung BRONZE, Boise, Idaho
Madisynyoung BRONZE, Boise, Idaho
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Kara Trumbo the Magnificent

Kara Trumbo should win this award because she is the best teacher in the whole universe. She has short brown hair with bangs that covers her forehead. She wears

colored clothes. I have not yet seen her wear dark colors yet. She wears black pants that are the only dark colors I have seen her wear. When she teaches, I never get bored. She is loud in class. She is never quiet unless we are reading, or working on an assignment. She is also funny because she is always making weird faces and saying funny stuff.

Mrs. Trumbo teaches my math and reading class. I don’t like math because I am not very good at it but she makes math seem easy. I really like how she teaches. She is never quiet. She is very loud but not too loud. I love how she can explain our work. She makes sound simple. Then once I get to it, I don’t understand how to do the assignment. Mrs. Trumbo is a whole lot different from any of my other teachers.

Most of my teachers are more of a lets get it done right now kind of teacher. She is more of a let us get this done but let me help you or if you need help come back. She can do a lot of stuff when with us like many assignments. Somehow, we can get them done in class most of the time. I rarely get homework in her classes that I have with her.

Mrs. Trumbo is like the North Star she is brighter than the rest of the stars but she still is a star. Mrs. Trumbo deserves this award because she works hard in making us learn more and more in math and reading. She is like the leader of a school of fish in the blue sea. She also deserves this for giving us candy or doughnuts when we do our homework and turn it in on time. Mrs. Trumbo is so different it is as if she is wearing bright yellow out of a crowd wearing a dark black.

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on Nov. 6 2009 at 2:37 pm
Madisynyoung BRONZE, Boise, Idaho
1 article 0 photos 3 comments
i can't believe my article got published on teenink i am so excited