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Mr Witte

March 20, 2020
By fenske BRONZE, Hartland, Wisconsin
fenske BRONZE, Hartland, Wisconsin
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Don't be a prick

Mr. Witte strives to improve himself as well as the people around him at Arrowhead Union High School.  He has one of the best attitudes about how to attack life and he thinks differently. He changed what kind of person I was; he gave me a better outlook on life and made me think about who I wanted to be. 

 I had him for advanced algebra sophomore year at Arrowhead Union High School and he checked up on me.  Senior year I had him for his new class (Leaders Mindset) and this class was eye opening, exposing me to different perspectives on life and how to treat people.

I was a negative person junior year and Mr. Witte opened my eyes to the fact it was nobody's fault but my own.  He has a life model; events in our life, things that happen to us, we do not control those. But what we do control is how we respond to them.  He calls it E + R = O. Event plus a reaction equals an outcome. I control the outcomes with my reaction.  

Since taking the class, Leaders Mindset, many of the poor relationships in my life have become healthier and it has led to a better lifestyle.  This model helped me by not getting down when things are going bad for me by reacting to bad things in a positive manner.  

Whenever I talk to him he doesn't have to say anything back to me for me to know he is listening and that he sincerely cares about what is going on.  His eyes and body language say it all. I can tell he thinks about what I’m saying to him, dissecting every word in order to give me the most wholehearted and honest response.  I love how he goes out of his way for people. Even if it may be an inconvenience to him he doesn’t care, because he cares that much.

If I had to describe him in one word that word would be real.  I’ve never had a teacher with as big an interest in me, additionally to what was happening in my life as him.  Every single time I pass him in the hallways he’s got something to say to me whether it be, “What have you been gaming on lately?” or just a simple “What’s up, Fenske?”,  He knows how to improve my mood even on my bad days with his positive, big heart and appreciation for everything in life. I’m never going to forget Mr. Witte. 

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