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Reality TV Star & Author Lauren Conrad

September 25, 2011
By JenRubino GOLD, Park Ridge, Illinois
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Lauren Conrad first made her reality TV breakout in 2004 on the hit MTV reality series Laguna Beach. After graduating high school and moving to Los Angeles, Lauren starred in her own reality show on MTV, The Hills. The Hills followed Lauren as she began her life in Hollywood where she was going to college, working as a Teen Vogue intern and dealing the drama that comes along with living in the Hollywood hills.

Lauren left The Hills after five successful seasons and moved on to new things. She became a New York Times best selling author, came out with her own clothing line and moved on from the lifestyle of being a reality TV star. I had the chance to interview Lauren about everything she has accomplished and about her hopes for the future.

Me: You first appeared on MTV when you where one of the stars of Laguna Beach and then you became even more popular when you starred in your own reality show, The Hills. Did you ever think that these shows would become as popular as they where?

LC: I had no clue that these shows would be so well received and become so successful. We were just high school kids thinking MTV would shoot a few aspects of our loves. We had no idea.

Me: After the fifth season of The Hills, you decided to leave. What made you decide to do so?

LC: At that time as much as I loved the show I felt my story had been told and there was really nothing left for them to capture. I wanted to explore new career paths without the camera there.

Me: In 2009, you released your fist book, L.A Candy. What made you decide to become an author and write your own book series?

LC: I have always been a lover of books and reading every since I can remember and when I was approached I was really intrigued to try something new and different and I really have come to enjoy the process.

Me: Your books have been really successful and you have even been on the New York Times best seller list. How does it feel to be such a successful author?

LC: Amazing, if you told me that the books would do so well I wouldn’t have believed you. I wrote them because I really enjoyed writing but to have them so well received is icing on the cake.

Me: On Laguna Beach and on The Hills, viewers always say how much you wanted to become a fashion designer. You have realized that dream and you have your own line with Kohls. How does it feel to have your own line?

LC: It feels amazing to design my own lines and also to see people wearing things I have created. It has been a dream come true.

Me: A lot of girls and young women look up to you and your ability to accomplish your dreams. Do you have any advice for them?

LC: Stay true to what you believe in and don’t let people try to change that direction. Don’t take no for an answer.

Me: Earlier this year, there was talk that you were going to be returning to reality TV. Do you think that you will be returning at some point?

LC: I never say never but for now I am focusing on my fashion lines, books and websites.

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