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Actress- Kathy Bates

November 22, 2009
By TheWriterInMe SILVER, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
TheWriterInMe SILVER, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
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Kathy Bates is an award winning actress who has starred in a variety of movies such as the Titanic, Revolutionary Road, and voiced a character in Charlotte's Web. I conducted a through the mail interview with her.

What project of yours have you liked being on set for most and why?
"Revolutionary Road." We shot this this past July. My favorite because I got to work with Kate Winslet and Leo Decaprio. Kate's husband, Sam Mendes, directed- he's brilliant!

Who has been your favorite person to work with?
So far -> Sam Mendes- He comes from the theatre like me- He pushes me to work harder. We speak the same language!

What do you like least about being an actress?
That most people think I am really like the characters I play- when, to me, the whole point of being an actor is to totally transform yourself into another human being.

What is your hobby?
Reeading, Writing, Painting, Drawing, and Learning French.

If you could sum up the most important thing in life in one word, you would say __?
"Empathy." To empathize with others. Art, film making are two good way to understand and appreciate other culture. "Make Are, Not War"

signed Kathy Bates, December 19th 2007.

The author's comments:
I loved her as an actress and I was interested to here these answers from her.

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