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   Sometimes when I write, I find that I have no inspiration. Sometimes if I do have a subject in my mind, I feel like I can't express it appropriately. But for some reason, when I write about her it comes so naturally, like the words are flowing from my mind straight through to my fingertips and nails and into the keyboard. I guess I just know how I feel about her; the feelings seem so sure, she seems so sensible. Whether she believes it or not, she's been the cause for change in my life, and I don't know if I can ever thank her enough or how I would thank her if I could.

I used to think I was so cool. I could relate and talk to any girl and feel so complacent afterwards. But she made me realize there are things about myself that were greatly in need of change. I realized the ironies in the way I think. I realized my cautiousness in times when leadership was necessary. I realized that although my exterior has changed, my interior basically remained stable these past few years. And I realized that I'm not like anyone I've ever met.

She seems to be able to see through my many layers of clothing, right down to my core, my deepest thoughts and my most intimate fears.

She knows me - probably better than anyone. Sometimes, I think that even includes me. I've never felt comfortable telling people everything or even anything I am feeling. But she's different; she listens without passing judgment. In her own way, she can give me advice or say what is probably the right thing to do in a situation, while not pushing her opinion on me if it's not necessary to state it.

I admire her; her steadiness, her calm manner in trying situations, and the ease with which she deals with other people, whether friends, parents, teachers, or even my family! She's nice without being happy-go-lucky; she's a hard worker but manages to have a social life. But what I think I admire most about her is the emphasis she puts on her values, and the strength with which she lives up to them.

Of all the people in this school, I had to meet a conservative girl who sticks to certain rules and always seems like she's doing the right thing or making the right decision. She's not trendy or phony or pesty in any way. She's just what she wants to be, and that's all that I need. c

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i love this so much!