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Did He Get The Wrong Punishment? MAG

By Anonymous

   On November 20, Roger Clemens was fined $10,000 and suspended for five games in the 1991 season. This was the effect of a battle of words Clemens and umpire Terry Cooney had during the final game of the American League Championship Series. Cooney ejected Clemens without giving the Sox star pitcher any type of warning. Plus, he ejected Clemens with his mask still on, which is extremely rare.

After computing his salary, Clemens will lose $77,160.49 for the five days he misses. Don't you think this fine is a little steep? I do. This is definitely too much for just a battle of words. Surely, his bumping Jim Evans, another ump, was unintentional. Since when are the umpires the parents and the players the children? Since when are the umpires the teachers and the players the students? Sure, the umpires should rule over the players, but by so much that an ump can eject a player at the spur of the moment? And since when do words hurt? Athletes often say things they don't mean, but nobody should take them personally. I could understand the ejection if Clemens had done something physical, but he didn't. And he doesn't deserve the ejection, the fines, or the suspension.

Roger Clemens and his agent are going to appeal, and the suspension should be overturned. Dr. Bobby Brown is the first person they'll be appealing to and they might even go to the commissioner, Fay Vincent.

Dr. Brown has not listened to Clemens' side of the story. Even Tony Pena said Clemens was only talking to himself during the confrontation.

If the decision isn't overturned, something is wrong with the baseball offices. And you'll hear many angry responses from everybody, especially this person. n

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