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March 3, 2009
By AlexaLexi PLATINUM, Mattawan, Michigan
AlexaLexi PLATINUM, Mattawan, Michigan
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'Yukon, Yukon, Yukon!!'

I yelled to my kitten as he was about to go outside. I was to young to no if he could hear or not but I think he just didn't want to listen to me at the time. I thought he couldn't hear but he always normally listened to me. Yukon was one out of the six pets that we had. We had fore dogs, which are Rudy, Tofer, Taley, and Zack. And another pet that we had was a parrot and his name was Skyler. I was living with my sister Kara my mom and dad. We have always been a animal love and had always loved animals.

It all started out when my family and me went to the animals shelter and found this black and white cat with a liter of six. There was the runt, he had all black legs and a white stomach. He was full of mike so we got to holed him. My sister said that she wanted to hold him first. She always got to do some thing first.

'Can I go run off with him or her?' my sister said

'No Kara you need to but nice for once and let your sister feel him or her? Is it a boy or a girl?' my mom asked with a wounder

'This is a boy and you have a change to name him' the shelter person said

'What about Patches, I got that name from the movie called A Little Cat on the Perrier. Its the movie I watched last night.' my mom exclaimed

'Sounds good to me!' my sister yelled scaring all the animals in the shelter!

'Sounds good to me.' I said with an inside voice.

My mom finally decided that he was the cat for us.

When we got home with patches the whole family was excited except me. Because I loved Yukon but we had another kitten in the house and Yukon didn't like it! I was also always mad when another animal entered the house. I wanted the kitten but I don't like it when Yukon doesn't want attention from me because I give it to the other animals because they where the.

I tolled me mom that I wanted something to eat. And I asked her what could I eat and what do I feed the Yukon? She said that I could eat a apple and feed Yukon so can cat food that was under the sink. I said I would do that right after I talk out the and eat my apple, it would only take me about five minutes and I would be in bed. Five minutes later I was asleep in my bed with warm purple blankets and a teddy bear on the side. Yukon was on the end of my bed and he was sound asleep, sleeping like my teddy bear. I think he still had some food in his mouth or on his tong He had chicken and beef and some mike since he was still young.

The next morning I woke up and I went looking for Yukon, like I did every morning.

'Yukon, Yukon, Yukon' I yelled frightened because I couldn't find him.

I yelled and yelled frighteningly trying to see if he was around and he never came. I ran up stairs to look for him and to go wake up my mom and dad. My mom got up and so did my dad. The only reason they got up is because I told them that Yukon was not hear and I started to cry and cry. Kara got up because she could hear me cry. She wanted to no why I was crying. My mom went down stairs and got the dogs and went on a walk looking for Yukon. My sister came and she is the one that spotted him first. My mom whispered Yukon, Yukon. He meowed back. He was scared but he hurt, he was in a bear trap, since lived in the country and since there was bears in the country where we lived. My mom went into get Yukon. She said these exact words...

' It looks to me that we have change of plans and we are going to the vet today and we are having his leg amputated because it doesn't look good. It looks like he is going to have a bad day today.'


We where at the vets office and Yukon new it. He had probability had blood a gallon and was still bleeding. My moms hands and clothing where all red with Yukon's blood and it kinda was grossing my sister and me out. I didn't no what the vet people where going to do with him and I didn't no why he was bleeding and the reason is because I was only five years old and my sister was only nine years old. I never new what amputating was and what shots where.

When we where in the office the appointment, Yukon came out with a cast on. It was purple and green, hard, and bumpy. He looked sad and hurt. Five minutes later we where home and I normally feed Yukon but my mom said not to. So I went in to the TV room and watched TV, my favorite show Scbooy Doo.


Ten years later and we needed to take Yukon to the vets. He needed his shots. I personally didn't know what shots where so I decided to ask the veterinarian when we got there.

'What are the shot you are going to give to Yukon?'

'Well the one shot with the red cap is for rabies and the one shot with the blue top is for heart warm. And I think he is going to die soon because he is getting fat! '

'Well it is almost time to go so I will be out in the couch area.' my mom told me quietly

My mom said to the veterinarian on the way out that she would call them to scheduling another appointment with them. She said let go and before I new it we where in the car and on our way home. It was late when we got home so I went to bed and when I woke up the next morning it was Saturday and close to Christmas and we decorate on this very day. I ran down stairs to see my mom and dad talk about the Christmas tree. I was wondering about that because we already had the tree up.

One hour done decorating the house and and this year I got to put the star on top of the tree. I got on my dads back and put the star on the very, very top. It was high but I did it! Two minutes later and I was pooped so I got Yukon and I went to go take a nap. When I woke up it was Sunday and it was Christmas day and I couldn't wait.......

In till I found out that Yukon died under the tree laying there. My mom said that he died because of a over active thyroid. I cried for days and I still cry today. We buried him the next day with tears running down my face the whole time.

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