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Junior Year Goals

February 19, 2009
By Pbarry BRONZE, Woonsocket, Rhode Island
Pbarry BRONZE, Woonsocket, Rhode Island
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From a minuscule classroom desk, long-term goals, such as attending college, seem like a lifetime away. However, in order to reach a long-term goal, one must first put into place short-term goals. A goal such as attending college can be acquired through a combination of hard work and involvement in activities. My goals can be categorized as academic, personal, and future.

It is simple; in order to get into college, one must first maintain good grades. With this in mind, I have made it a goal of mine to uphold a GPA of at least 3.5 throughout my high school years. On the contrary, achieving this goal has not been the easiest thing to do. To begin with, I am not the greatest math student and have changed schools three times. In tenth grade a combination of the two brought my grade down significantly in chemistry. Not only was I poor at the mathematical portion of chemistry, but also I was months behind in a school I had just transferred back to. However, I have been persistent in my attempts to reach my 3.5 goal as I have continually received good grades in other subjects, such as English and French, thus, making up for my dreadful math grades.

My next goal adheres to my inhibition that comes with transferring from school to school. Over the past year, I have become extremely inhibited, as I have only recently transferred to this High School. This has been a drastic shift for me as I once was a tremendously outgoing person not too long ago. With that said, a goal of mine is to get back into my old self and be comfortable in every situation once again. The ability to be comfortable is an important trait to have, because without it I am missing out on opportunities that I deem 'too stressful.' In order to be comfortable more often I plan on holding a position as the Literary Zine's founder. This will help in allowing me to communicate with more students in the school and to eventually become more settled in my surroundings.

My final goal involves my life after high school. My goal for my post high school self is to attend Emerson College. I have done a vast amount of research on this school and have come to find that it is the ideal school for me both major-wise and in its location. Another goal of mine in the remote future is to settle down after having graduated college and create a family. With a combination of good grades, persistence, and the right amount of activities under my belt, I can make such goals a reality.

In conclusion, my goals, academic, personal, and future, are all connected as they each take part in making up my ultimate future. My goals of being more comfortable in every situation and maintaining a 3.5 GPA are merely shot-term goals but are in no way less important than my long-term goal of going to Emerson. This is so because undertaking short-term goals makes attaining long-term goals more simple. Although it's hard to see from this minuscule desk, I am thinking about my future, because it's closer than it seems.

The author's comments:
This was originally an assignment for my English class as a way for the teacher to get to know her students better. It really made me think of where I am in contrast with where I hope to be headed.

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