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By Anonymous

   Imagine a magical spirit handing you a shimmering golden key. The key unlocks the door to a room full of wealth and success. Sound too good to be true? The name of the room is employment. However, getting a job is not easy, but there is one thing that can help you have a successful job hunt: a resum".

Most high school students enjoy earning money. They often overlook the primary step in job hunting, as I almost did. What could an ordinary freshman like me put on a resume? The word almost sounded too "adult" to me. Then my teacher explained that a resum" is similar to "selling myself" to the employer.

Many books are available to help, plus many computers have resum" building programs that make the process easier. Just what should a teen put on a resum"? Anything and everything! During high school, many don't have much work experience, if any! However, things as simple as washing family dishes, baby-sitting, raking leaves, mowing lawns, shoveling snow, a paper delivery route - anything you do on a regular basis can show that you are responsible, and may give you the edge over the next guy. List all sports and extracurricular activities too!

The final key to successful job hunting is finding good references. Be sure to ask your favorite teacher, coach, or other non-family member who can describe your character well. Then, when the prospective employer hears how responsible you are, those golden words usually seal the deal. However, be sure to ask permission from your references.

Remember when you are job hunting, the time, effort, and energy put into applying for a job is worth it. Be sure that when selling yourself, you make yourself a "hot item!" c

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i love this so much!