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One More Time MAG

By Anonymous

   The day they told me you died,

I wanted to drown in my tears.

I hate those doctors.

They said, "Everything will be all right."

I wanted to touch you again.

I wanted to feel your strong hands hold mine.

I would do anything if I could see you,




time ................

I remember when you taught me to ride a bike ...

I had so much faith in you.

I remember you saying ...

You would never let go.

The casket was surprisingly light ...

But each tear seemed to weigh a ton.

Each day I look forward to your company.

Today I will visit you ... though the pain is still there.

The memory of you encourages me to go on.

I have a rose ... it reminds me of you.

The petals smell so sweet ... they comfort me.

Then the wind blew and my rose drifted away.

I am insecure once again.

If only you could be here with me,




time ................

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i love this so much!