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By Anonymous

   My Utopia by K. M., W. Hempstead,NY

As I look up I see the world above. The luminous sunlooks down on me. Below, I see no end - only the darkness ofthe abyss. As I submerge deeper, my eyes open as I become partof the life in the sea. The fish pass as I sway in thecurrent. I feel as if I am floating in outer space. My body isweightless as my limbs dangle in the midst of the sea. I takenotice of the vivid colors it holds, the bright yellows andfluorescent reds that catch my eye. My heart is filled withjoy as I take in the beauty. I approach the bottom. I slowlytouch down onto the floor as if landing on the moon. Everymovement is so slow. I bring my hands forward to see what liesunderneath the silty bottom. My hands dig into the muddy oceanfloor to retrieve a piece of history. A remarkable piece ofcraftsmanship, my gold from the ocean. I place the old glassbottle carefully into my bag and look at its beauty. When Ibegin my ascent back to the surface, I cannot believe I wasgiven this opportunity. Not everyone has a chance toexperience that. When I try to explain the feelings I havewhen scuba diving, I run out of words. I usually tell peoplethat it is as if I have found heaven - a place where all isperfect and where beauty and happiness are plentiful. Theocean is my utopia.

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