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By Anonymous

     I am a proudly avowed library geek. With my older brother, I make a weekly trek to the library and return only after oodles of delicious books have been acquired and stacked to my chin, temporarily impairing my vision. (Believe me, the tomes are so worth the stubbed toes gotten from not having a clear view!)

Almost every member of the library staff knows my brother and me by name, and I’ve had my card number memorized for ages! Not only this, I am filled with a genuine longing to set up camp within the building’s precious walls, to dwell indefinitely with the bliss that comes from finishing a heart-rending romance, tantalizing drama, or winding mystery. As I rave about the library, my friends joke, thinking that my desire to move in is a little over the deep end. How I wish they could understand!

If you think about it, the library is just about the most amazing place in the world. My soul is eternally grateful to Benjamin Franklin for founding the first public lending library in this country back in 1731 because now anyone has only to ask for a library card, and he or she can revel in any and all published works! In an instant, every novel, work of nonfiction, music and film are at the fingertips of the lucky card-owner.

And the great thing? There’s no fee, no obligation, no irritating club-membership or dues, and the customer service people (librarians) are some of the greatest, most helpful and funny people I know. Additionally, long-time card holders will find the smooth-running library system, with items being tracked constantly, a wonder to behold.

Tremendous respect should be given to libraries, for they are not just buildings full of boring stuff. No, they are chock-full of fascinatingly factual, overflowingly creative, undeniably inspiring masterpieces waiting to be beheld (with some not-so-ravishing material interspersed). Regardless of a person’s interests or abilities, the library provides copious matter to be delved into and relished!

My library has impacted me in an astounding way, and I am so thankful! When I am having a tough time with something, I go to the library to find a good, meaty novel. Reclining in another world for awhile helps to put my own situation in perspective and I am often able to draw from a character’s courage, love or wisdom to solve whatever issues I may have. Without the library, an omnipresent force offering its gifts at all times, I don’t know what I’d do!

The research capabilities the library has available also make my life easier! Long reports for school are completed with ease through the help of the library computers, aisles of fact-based media and newspapers.

So, I’m a library geek. Why, I ask, would I want to be anywhere else? Full of possibilities, stories, wondrous fathomings, talent-laced works, eye-opening circumstances and constructive research implements, the library is for everyone and anyone to enjoy, not just me! It promises in a whisper all the world because within four walls, that’s what it is. No wonder I want to live there! Maybe if you check it out, you will, too

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i love this so much!

on Sep. 30 2011 at 9:07 am
bookbelle SILVER, Okemah, Oklahoma
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So happy to discover I;m not the only library geek out there. Very descriptive and interesting writing.