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By Anonymous

   In the sport of volleyball, the term "kill" signifies a successful spike with a resulting point. As today's game was nearing the end, the score was 13 to 14. My team was in the lead and 15 wins with at least a two-point lead. We needed the next point. It was my partner's serve and he dealt the shortest of the opponents a smashing overhand. He bumped it toward his partner and he set it up. Unfortunately for them the set was too far back for a spike so the ball ended up being tapped toward the corner where I was. I bumped it and my partner set it high up, just the way I like it. I ran to the net, waiting for the ball to drop to the perfect height so I could spike it. The taller of the opponents also ran to the net to attempt a block. I was taller than he, but I still had to watch out. It was time. I jumped with all my might, brought my arm around as hard as I could, and made contact. The ball went right through the now air-born blocker toward his partner. The ball hit the ground at his feet, bouncing up into his stomach and knocking him backwards to the ground. We win. He's killed. l

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