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The Couch

January 17, 2009
By Rebecca Cloward SILVER, Cedar City, Utah
Rebecca Cloward SILVER, Cedar City, Utah
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It all started with The Couch. The Couch was the root of all evil, at least according to Jace and his crew of Chris, Jared, and Brandon. It had broken a truck window, a ripstick, and a kid's arm. Obviously it had to be demolished in the most inhumane way possible.

Today The Couch would meet its end. Today seemed like any other August day, crisp and clear, the air still fresh with the glow of summer escapades. Thoughts of school would surface in a few days when classes began, but for now they were shoved to the outermost corners of Jace's mind. On this fine August day, Jace, Chris, and Jared won a Wal*Mart Rockband competition and earned a tidy sum for their efforts. This they spent on supplies for the upcoming event.

Jace put down his guitar, took his sweet time showering (What was the hurry?) but eventually made it to Wal*Mart. Someone once said that all good Utah adventures begin or end in Wal*Mart.

Only Jace's truck and a beastly suburban were rough and tumble enough to manage the dirt roads behind Wal*Mart to get to the fire pit, so everyone piled in along with the endless soda, camp chairs, and random explosives. Ofcourse, Jace had The Couch. Everyone met at the fire pit as the sun sank slowly, taking its time going down like Jace had for the shower.

After entertaining themselves by throwing rocks at The Couch, watching Brandon attack it with a glass knife, and driving back for a second load of people, the crew began the demolition. The Couch was centered in the pit and stuffed with firecrackers all the way down the back and sides. Just as it was beginning to get dark, Jace got his gasoline and unleashed the entire liquid can onto The Couch.

The sheer volume of the destructive detonation of The Couch would have caused the devil himself to quake in hell. Smoke rose in a mass as if from an atomic bomb -- billowing and sinister black. Half the crew in the fire pit ran shrieking for cover as the more “manly” half stood gazing in awe as the The Couch met its fate of combustion. The consumation the root of all evil was quite enthralling as the fire danced to a chorus of firecracker pops and bangs.

No one had known the explosion would be that loud, or that big. Fear crossed Jace's face as he realized that someone nearby would see the smoke and call the Fire Department. The crew quickly worked to calm the fire and reduce its massive size. Half an hour later, the flashing lights of a ranger rover approached the pit. Jace's fear turned to relief as the officer explained that fires were legal as long as they were controllable in the designated fire pits. The crew had not only destroyed their ultimate foe, The Couch, but they had also been saved from the unknown fate that awaits those who break fire safety rules.

The fire eventually fizzled down to marshmellow-melting size, and the crew enjoyed S'mores and soda and laughed away their last freedom of the summer. After the experiences of that fateful day, Jace was more careful when confronting his enemies.

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This article has 4 comments.

author899 said...
on Jan. 30 2009 at 8:03 pm
This is shining with teen spirit. (not the deodarant). I loved reading it.

kcuf said...
on Jan. 30 2009 at 4:46 am
yeah becca you are the bestest! :) great story and a great day. very fun lol

on Jan. 29 2009 at 4:47 am
Very descriptive, Becca! I was able to imagine it all....the couch, the smoke, the kids, the excitement, the fire, the stress, the relief, the fun! Wish I'da been there!

eryntripp said...
on Jan. 28 2009 at 6:52 am
I love this story i was there it was amazing