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One Word Sprouts Many

November 6, 2014
By Underdog73 GOLD, Denver, Colorado
Underdog73 GOLD, Denver, Colorado
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I don't trust actions, I trust words

Maybe the ideas of those who think they have no chance, turn out to be the best of ideas, If a choice befalls me between mind and body I will always choose mind. Life is built on the ideas of those who were once unworthy of one's praise. Some people are handed things on a silver platter. But for once I would like the good guy to win. Everyone knows that the one who deserves praise and achievements never truly receives them. Then their ways of thinking becomes twisted and turned around so they think they haven’t a shot at anything anymore. But they do, they have the best shot out of anyone. When school fades and we move onto greater things, it will no longer matter who is the most popular, best hair, greatest smile. What will matter most is our way with words. Do we abuse our words? Use them deceptively for trickery? Or do we use them to praise our opponents? Kill off our greatest foes with kind words. Sometimes those who are in the dumpiest of dumps require only a kind word to make them smile. So I encourage all who read this to go out of there way to tell those deserving of kind words something kind. Write them a poem of admiration, or a sentence that turns their gray skies blue. Or maybe just a word, or two. What ever words you chose to use let them know they have you. True a word may not do very much. But that one simple word plants a seed inside, and if the word is followed by multiple kind words or actions. The seed is watered and begins to grow. So I politely encourage you, plant that seed and help it grow.     

The author's comments:

Be the catalyist, start somthing that begins a trend and makes people happy.

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on Dec. 3 2014 at 9:03 pm
UnicornBoy77 SILVER, Morrison, Colorado
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Be Strong because things will get better. It may be stormy now, but it never rains forever.

if one word sprouts many than the one word i have for you is "Sorry"

-Teamo- said...
on Nov. 25 2014 at 2:34 pm
-Teamo-, Morrison, Colorado
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You did not break my heart you shattered it, but I still love you with all the little pieces

wow this made me cry you have a way with words I guess I have no choice but to be a gardener now