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Driving: Do I Really Want? MAG

By DANIELLE L., Unknown, Unknown

   Driving: Do I really want to?by Danielle Lemay, Salem, NHAs many teenagers get ready for Driver's Ed in the front seat of their parent's car, I'm hanging out on the passenger side. As much as I want to drive my own car (like every normal teenager in America), I find driving on the road with so many people stressful.As scary as it is not knowing if some truck or car is going to side-swipe me when I'm going around a corner, I still am learning to drive to overcome my fear of sharing a road with strangers. Every day on the news or at school, I hear about teenagers driving drunk and killing innocent people or themselves - whole families being wiped out. It's devastating to think that it could happen to me, someone I know, or anyone. Sometimes, I have to ask myself, Do I really want to take such a risk? I usually tell myself, Yes, I want to take this risk for the freedom to do things I couldn't do before, but can now - things like cruising with my friends and having a blast at the beach without my parents chauffeuring me like some baby. Driving is a freedom and a privilege. When you can drive, you know this is only the beginning and soon you'll be making bigger decisions.Yeah, I know the risk I'm taking when I drive and how scary it is driving with so many other people on the road, but if I had to make a decision if I wanted to continue to drive, I would say, "Definitely, go for it." c

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