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My name is

December 12, 2008
By Carla Oliva BRONZE, Austing, Texas
Carla Oliva BRONZE, Austing, Texas
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My name is Carla
C for courageous, ready to take on the world and obstacles that come my way.
A for accomplish, for completing my goals
R for reliable
L for loveable, because i have enough to give
A for armor, armor that i provide for my daughter to protect her from danger.
Yesterday my name was sensitive
if you touch me i would shatter like glass.
Touch me and my heart will cry, crying salt water from the ocean in my eyes.
Tomorrow my name will be speak able heard by every person who thinks that immigrants come here to take away, people who think teen parents cant graduate.
Who's opinons are the kids that come from a broken family become as their parents once did.
In my dreams my name was strong powerful enough to make me rise over the crowd of people and be notice.
To warn the crowd that I've rached my goal and make space for my proudness.
Secretly I know my name is unstep able, unable for people to step on the roots of my family tree.
To let the world know that Carla Oliva stands with her head up high and wont see her with it down.

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